HIRO is a simple device that will enable foreigners to ask for help from locals. When activated by a foreigner the locals in the area are informed when help is needed and how to find the person. HIRO also gives foreigners the opportunity to send a thank you message for the help they received. For locals this means an opportunity to represent the Japanese spirit of hospitality and collectively execute the nations Olympic aim – ‘Grand Welcome’ to all visitors.

Group Project. 2014


おもてなし - Omotenashi

Is the innate approach to welcome others and treat them beyond their expectation.


Japan is well known for its hospitality. This is an expression of respect  and welcome that Japanese people are committed to. The brief of this project was designing products which can deliver Japanese hospitality in the context of 2020 Tokyo Olympic. 

HIRO will be apart of the Olympic ticket, creating an extensive local community throughout the city, ready to welcome and help everyone arriving for the Olympic games.


Concept Video